Sports Physics
Auteur : Christophe Clanet 
Edition : 2013
Pages : 640
Format : 17 x 24 cm
ISBN : 978-2-7302-1615-9
Tarif : 40.00 €
     Physics consists in identifying repeatable sequences in our environment and finding the simplest underlying laws. In this book, the environment is Sports and it pursues two main objectives:
- Walk in the footprints of modern precursors, JB Keller [1] and B.Benjamin [2] and show that sports do entangle a large number of physical concepts which can be used to improve our
understanding of athletes’ performances.
- Show that sports can be an important vector for the presentation of advanced physical concepts.
As a striking example, the quantum tunnel effect which is discussed in this volume and compared to the high jumper who clears the bar while always maintaining his centre of mass below the bar. In order to make links and establish the generic laws in different sports, the book is structured in six Physics domains: Waves and Fluids, Aerodynamics, Elasticity, Friction, Statistical Physics and Human motion.

[1] J. B. Keller, Optimal Velocity in a Race, The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 81, No. 5 (May, 1974), pp. 474-480.
[2] C. Reep, R. Pollard and B. Benjamin, Skill and Chance in Ball Games, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A, Vol. 134, No. 4 (1971), pp. 623-629.
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